A lot of regions have favorable natural conditions (warmth, moisture) to develop agricultural activities, but they do not have suitable soil for it. The peat moss products are the most attractive solution to deal with this problem due to its ability to interact with any type of soil, conditioning it to a perfect growing. Peat moss binds sandy soil so that water and nutrients stay at root level where they are needed and as well increases the water retention capacity.

Our peat bogs are located in Eastern European countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and etc., and this is where all main resources are collected to justify the quality of LILOPEAT brand, widely distributed to many countries worldwide, such as Middle East region, North and South Africa countries, Mediterranean region and etc.

Our goal is to satisfy the demands of our customers by offering services from A to Z, which is presenting the most attractive prices and ensuring the reliable and smooth supply of production, including, but not limited to, consultation, documents arrangement, logistics, etc.

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We can offer You wide range of peat moss products for different purposes – landscaping, horticulture, floriculture, gardening, animal husbandry and bedding.

Natural and neutralized peat moss products are usually used for improvement of soil conditions. According to the clients‘ needs, we can offer different types of peat substrates (substrates usually are used for more specific purposes, environment conditions, plants, etc.).

Natural peat moss is widely used to improve loam and sandy loam soil physical and biological characteristics, to increase quality and harvest of vegetables, fruits, flowers and bulbs. Also, rough-fraction peat moss is widely used as bedding for animals and birds.


Based on the extraction layer, the peat moss can be allocated to one of three main categories:

Category of the productThe depth of extractionAcidity pH (H2O)Organic substance (%)Bulk density (g/l)Moisture (%)
White (light) peatIs extracted from upper layer of deposit3,5 - 4,5> 97160 - 20045 - 55
Brown peatIs extracted from middle layer of deposit4,2 - 4,7> 94200 - 24045 - 55
Black peat Is extracted from bottom layer of deposit4,5 - 5,0> 90240 - 28045 - 55

According to clients’ requirements we can present different fractions of peat moss products (mm 0-5; 0-10; 0-20; 5-10; 10-20; 0-40; 20-40).

All categories of the natural peat can be neutralized by reduction of acidity (pH 5,5-6,5). Neutralized high moor peat soil of well-balanced acidity in which there is no pathogens, plant pests, weed seeds is used as a supplement of mulching about stems of fruit trees, decorative trees and shrubs and for improvement upper layer of soil of plant seedlings.

00 - 05 / 00 - 10

Fine fractions are used mostly for decorative floriculture, home gradening. Also these fractions are used for prepa- ration of different types substrates.

05 - 10 / 00 - 20

Medium fractions are used in industrial gardening, landscaping projects, etc. Also these fractions are used for preparation of different types of substrates.

10 - 20 / 20 - 40

Large-scale fractions are used for cultivation of big plants, industrial gardening. Also these fractions are used as a bedding for animals.


We can offer different types of substrates according to specific needs of our clients (substrates usually are used for more specific purposes, environmental conditions, plants, etc.). Recently the most demanded are these types of substrates:

Substrate – universal

Is used for various vegetables’ sprouts and improvement of ground. Peat moss is enriched with nutritional supplements and microelements.

Substrate for mushrooms

Is used for industrial cultivation of various types of mushrooms (for example – champignons). Substrate fraction is medium.

Substrate for sowing and pitching

Is used for different sowing seeds, for cultivation vegetable plants, soil improvement. Peat moss is enriched with nutritional supplements and trace elements.

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